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Millennials Love Micro Weddings

Millennials Love Micro Weddings

When you used to think of micro weddings, you thought of a trip to the court house or a fast weekend trip to Las Vegas. But micro weddings are beautiful, full of magic and customized for the couple.

The Toronto Wedding Chapel has been THE BEST VENUE for micro weddings since 2006! Micro weddings have given millennial couples the chance to splurge on what matters to them. This is what’s very appealing to millennials! They’re much more interested in celebrating marriage with an affordable, intimate wedding. And because they’re saving money with a micro wedding, their wedding can be more unique and customized. Millennials love personalization. They can try out different food, quirky décor or a unique wedding dress. As long as it’s different, they’ll love it!

For millennials, it makes less sense to spend money to invite everyone including distant relatives. They prefer to spend it with the people who are close to them – parents, siblings, and their closest friends and relatives. Couples will have the opportunity to interact with everyone during their wedding.

Having a micro wedding gives millennials exactly the type of wedding they want and it leaves them money that they can spend on a honeymoon or use it to finance your needs as a married couple.

Contact the Toronto Wedding Chapel or browse our website and see the amazing wedding packages that we have to offer. And all of them can be customized for you. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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