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Micro Wedding Trends for 2022

There are many new trends in micro weddings:

Wedding gifts: During Covid, couples stayed home and invested money in household items. Now that they’re getting married, they’d rather collect money for their honeymoon instead of dishes or glasses.

Invitations: With micro weddings you have fewer guests to invite. Why not handwrite the invitations? Or, you might even skip the formal invitations and opt to call each of your guests instead.

Personalized Details:  A smaller scaled event allows for more personalized touches like signage, food options, and decor that really show off a couple’s personality and interests.

Bridal wear? Brides are leaving long gowns behind! Instead, they’re opting for functional designs that they can wear for different events – bridal pant suits, two-piece dresses and transitional skirts. These are great pieces that they can continue to wear after their wedding.

Florals: Cover the table in an abundance of low, ultra-lush flowers and candles for a vibrant display. Couples are adding garlands to gazebos, chair aisles, tables and walkways. 

Wedding cake: Wild dessert flavours have taken over. No more vanilla or chocolate! Instead, they’re ordering cookies and cream to pink champagne. They are revamping basis tradition. With small cakes they can have treats incorporated liked donuts, fruit tarts, chocolate covered strawberries and more.

Favors: We do fantastic favors – cookie favors with the couple’s first names and the date of the wedding and romantic sayings on some of the heart shaped cookies!

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