Renewing your vows is a romantic way to reaffirm your love for each other. Many couples who eloped or got married at a destination wedding are choosing to renew their vows in front of their family and friends instead of just hosting a reception. Others incorporate a renewal of vows into a milestone anniversary celebration. A renewal of vows can take place at any time, without restriction. Although a renewal of vows commemorates a spiritual bonding, it is not legally binding and therefore does not require a member of the clergy or a licensed Officiant. You are free to choose anyone that you would like to honour or that is particularly significant to you as a couple – parents, children, original members of the wedding party, clergy person, close friend.

Traditionally it is the couple themselves who host the renewal of vows, but the children of the couple often host the event as an anniversary gift to their parents. A renewal of vows can be a replica of your original wedding, or the wedding that you always wished that you could have. It can be a full scale formal gala, or an intimate affair for close family and friends. If you have your original wedding gown and tuxedo, this would be the perfect time to take them out for an airing. Or use this as an occasion to indulge in the dress of your dreams.

This time, take your trip down the aisle together. If the original maid of honour and best man are still a part of your lives, by all means ask them to stand up for you again. Incorporate your parents, children and grandchildren into the ceremony. Exchange the same vows as you originally did, but prepare something personal that speaks to your life together and what brought you to want to renew your vows. Enjoy the beauty of the moment and celebrate with those near and dear.