Pay It Forward – Leave Your Wedding Dress At The Toronto Chapel For A Bride Less Fortunate

Donate your wedding dress

Marriage never goes out of style and still remains one of the most important social institutions in Canada. In 2008, 147,288 couples got married in Canada with the average age at first marriage for men at 31.1 years and 29.1 years for women. Couples come in all sizes and shapes, sexes, ages, and from different backgrounds – socioeconomic and religious. As diverse as this sounds, there is one thing they all have in common – a desire to get married. Many couples are struggling financially, but still they are not willing to put aside their desire to marry. Instead of an elaborate wedding with hundreds of guests in a large hall with a huge bar bill, orchestra and hot and cold running hors d’oeuvres, practicality (or necessity) kicked in and they’ve opted for a budget wedding instead. Still, even with a guest list whittled down to immediate family and close friends, the budget wedding was still over budget. Something had to go. According to Wedding Bells Magazine the average cost of a bridal gown in Canada this year was $1,975. That money could pay for an entire budget wedding at the Toronto Wedding Chapel. We have 4 fabulous all inclusive wedding packages for that price or less – Going to the Chapel, Just Married, Champagne and Wishes, Love is Everywhere. There was no other choice; the wedding dress had to go.

There are some very fortunate brides who marry at the Toronto Wedding Chapel and have left their dresses behind in the hope that we might “pay it forward” and give the dress to a deserving bride; and we have. A bride who couldn’t afford a wedding dress is now Cinderella. If you have a wedding dress that is just going to sit in a box in a closet, please consider leaving it at the Toronto Wedding Chapel so that a less fortunate but deserving bride might benefit from your good fortune. Contact us today and let us know if you have a dress to donate to another bride.