You Can Still Get Married on 11/11/11 If You Act Quickly

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity – it only comes around once in a hundred years. All over the world a record breaking number of weddings are expected to take place. Time is running out and although we have extremely limited capacity available at the Toronto Wedding Chapel, if you act quickly you can still get married on 11-11-11.

Why do so many brides and grooms want to get married on 11-11-11? Eleven is considered to be a lucky number and according to numerology the number 11 carries the frequency of balance, especially between a man and a woman and it also signifies new beginnings. On the lighter side of life, it will probably be difficult for your husband to forget your anniversary if you marry on 11-11-11.

Since this date falls on Remembrance Day the Toronto Wedding Chapel is offering a special exclusively to our military men and women as our thank you for serving our country. If you marry from November 11 – November 13 we will include at no addition charge:


Avoid disappointment and contact the Toronto Wedding Chapel today to book your 11-11-11 wedding date.