Writing Your Own Wedding Vows

Writing Wedding Vows

Are you thinking of writing your own wedding vows? You don’t have to be a professional writer to write them. But, you do need your partner on board. Once you get your partner to agree, let’s move ahead!

Read lots of vows so that you can decide on whether you want them to be humorous or romantic or poetry. Do you want you and your partner’s vows to be completely different or make the same promises? Will you share them as you’re working on them? Will you keep the finished product a secret?

Don’t write anything that could be determined embarrassing. Write about the relationship; things you’ve gotten through together, how much better your life has been since you’ve met, what inspires you, your partner’s favourite qualities and your LOVE. As long as you express your love, you can’t go wrong!

Speak to your Officiant. They may have some advice for you including how long your vows should last.

Start writing! Your vows will be fabulous!

Writing Wedding Vows

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