Lucky bridesmaids! If you are going to be following the trend for 2009, bridesmaids are not going to have a closet full of gowns that can never be worn again. Women have long endured this problem. Last year there was actually a feature film called “27 Dresses” that starred Katherine Heigl who played a young woman who had 27 bridesmaid dresses in her closet. Most of us didn’t have anything close to 27 ugly bridesmaid dresses in our closets, but more than likely we’ve all had a few. I distinctly remember a particularly dreadful powder blue dress with a vile sheer cape that I finally passed along to someone else who had to wear powder blue at another wedding.

Rewearable is the word that best describes bridesmaid dresses for 2009. Whether this is due to the economy or brides are finally coming to their senses, bridesmaids all over the world are breathing a sigh of relief. The latest trends for bridesmaid attire are slim skirts and short hemlines that look more like cocktail dresses than bridesmaid dresses. At last you can have a great dress that you can wear again and again. As vintage is inspiring bridal gowns, that effect is trickling down to bridesmaid dresses as well with flapper-style dresses making a come back.

Grey was the hottest colour in bridesmaid attire on the runway this year – all shades of grey including pewter, graphite, and pearl grey in a variety of different fabrics. Prints are out. Monotone is in. If grey doesn’t appeal to you black, white, and bold colours, particularly red are very hot. On behalf of bridesmaids every where, thank you for not making your bridesmaids wear ugly dresses!