What Should Guests Wear to a Winter Wedding?

Toronto Winter Weddings

Have you been invited to a winter wedding and haven’t a clue what to wear? We’ve got some great suggestions for you.

  • Winter weddings don’t automatically mean more formal so pay attention to the invitation when determining how formal to go. If the wedding is black tie or white tie, wear a gown. For all other weddings wear anything from knee length to tea length.
  • Jewel tones and wintry colours – black, navy, burgundy, deep purple, royal blue, forest green, dark red, dark teal – are perfect. Stay away from pastels and obvious summer shades.
  • Do wear a dress with sequins, beads and sparkles, but be discreet. You’re dressing for a wedding, not a New Year’s Eve gala.
  • Sensuous, rich fabrics like velvets and brocades are ideal for winter weddings.
  • Heavier fabrics lend themselves to more structured styles.
  • A cape, capelet, shawl or bolero in faux fur or cashmere are gorgeous and provide protection from the elements.
  • Add some bling with accessories – earrings, hair ornaments, necklaces, broaches.
  • If you’re wearing a short dress and can’t bear the thought of stockings, take out the self-tanner.
  • Pumps may be a better option than strappy sandals.
  • Avoid updos that can be ruined in windy, snowy or rainy weather.
  • Men, don’t wear a black shirt with a black jacket. If you’re wearing an undershirt make sure that it’s the same colour as your shirt. Wear a tuxedo if the wedding is formal.

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Toronto Winter Weddings

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