Whether you embrace the Internet or are a reluctant user, it’s here to stay. According to Internet World Stats, as of March 2008, there were 28,000,000 Internet users in Canada, or 84.3% of the population. In the United States as of June 2008, there were 220,141,969 Internet users, or 72.5% of the population. We conduct business online, do our banking online, make purchases online, find mates online, so why not use this terrific convenience to help you plan your wedding? The Internet is a terrific research tool that can save you time and money.

Businesses of all kinds are using the Internet to reach out and attract quality clients, including those servicing the wedding industry. As an example if you were searching for a wedding chapel in Toronto and had gone to Google to do your search, this is what you would have found – The Toronto Wedding Chapel front and centre. You may not have even known before that there was a fantastic alternative to city hall weddings.

Here are some ways that you can use the Internet to help plan your wedding.

You can research and plan a destination wedding or honeymoon online, purchase specialty items including plus sized wedding dresses and vegan bridal shoes, order your party favours, and more. Take advantage of this great convenience and start surfing.