It’s difficult to imagine a wedding ceremony without a wedding ring for the bride or a double ring exchange, but the truth is that there is no legal requirement to exchange rings. In fact there are many religious denominations that consider the ring exchange optional, so you have the choice of exchanging rings or substituting another gift in its place, or eliminating the exchange all together. Although the ring has been adopted into Christian ceremonies and rites there is no Biblical reference making the wedding ring a requirement. If you are having a religious ceremony it is best to speak with the clergy member who will be performing the ceremony to find out if a wedding ring is a required element of the ceremony.

In popular culture women seem to love to wear wedding rings but there is a decided lack of enthusiasm on the part of the men. However, tradition does seem to support the men’s position. Prior to World War ll it was virtually unheard of for a man to wear a wedding ring. Why don’t people want to wear wedding rings? The most common reason is that wearing a ring is thought by many to be a symbol of ownership. This is not exclusively in the male domain. There are women who share that view. The other major reason for not wearing a wedding is that it is very uncomfortable for people who in their trade, work with their hands. And of course there are those who just don’t like to wear rings. So, does it really mean anything if you don’t wear a wedding ring? It really depends on the individual and the state of their relationship. Will you be wearing a wedding ring?