Planning a wedding can become very stressful, especially when both partners don’t envision the same wedding. Remember the last Sex in the City movie when the wedding became bigger than Big, and after calling off the wedding Carrie and Big eventually married quietly at City Hall. When deciding whether to have a big wedding or a small wedding you will have to marry fantasy with practicality. Here are the pros and cons of big weddings and small weddings.

Pros of Big Weddings:

Cons of Big Weddings:

Pros of Small Weddings:

Cons of Small Weddings:

Who wins? There is no right or wrong and regardless of your preference the budget may make the decision for you. If money is not the object then you have a decision to make. As with most things in life, one person will really feel more strongly about the issue than the other. In the ideal world, that person will have the final say. However, if the size of the wedding becomes a seriously contentious issue, there may be more to consider than the size of the wedding.