Wedding Vows

As a wedding planner we often get asked about vows. Whether they should be personal or whether they should repeat the officiant’s standard vows. As with all aspects of your wedding, vows are a personal choice. For many, the chance to express, through their own words, their love and affection for their partner is part of the joy of a wedding ceremony. For others, it just seems to be one more thing that adds to the nerves of the day. Most officiants have a standard ceremony, and a standard set of vows that they use. You can request to see a copy of this standard ceremony prior to your wedding and decide if you’d like to make any revisions. A modern alternative sees couples choosing to leave the traditional vows in the ceremony, then customizing the service by adding a special poem or song. As always, remember that this is your wedding and in the end you should do what you feel comfortable with.

Until next time—Happy Planning!!

Congratulations Mike and Dawn!