The Toronto Wedding Chapel can host your wedding rehearsal whether or not this will be the site of your ceremony. A wedding rehearsal can be held anywhere as long as it includes the bride and groom, both sets of parents, all the adult attendants of the bridal party with their spouses/dates, and the parents of the child attendants. Don’t forget that small children have short attention spans and they should be taken home as soon as their presence is no longer required. If there is anyone else that you wish to include, go right ahead. It’s your party. Don’t forget your music. If you are having an instrumentalist, please make sure that he/she attends.

Some people have the rehearsal a few days prior to the wedding. Others prefer it the night before. The choice is yours. Very often the timing of the wedding rehearsal will depend on the availability of the bridal party, particularly if there are out- of- towners in the procession. During the rehearsal try to approximate the real event as much as possible, except for clothing, bouquets, and the like. Rehearse the procession to the appropriate music. Once everyone knows where they are supposed to stand during the ceremony, practice the recessional. The bride and groom leave first, followed by flower girls, ring bearers, maid/matron of honour and best man, pairs of bridesmaids and groomsmen, bride’s parents, groom’s parents, bride’s grandparents, and then the groom’s grandparents.

One of the advantages of having your wedding rehearsal at the Toronto Wedding Chapel is that we are professional wedding planners and we can answer any of your questions regarding procedure or etiquette. After the actual wedding rehearsal we can arrange a dinner or cocktail party for you onsite. Contact us for more information on our wedding rehearsals.