Times have changed over the years with respect to rehearsal dinners. In days gone by the rehearsal dinner was a pretty staid affair that took place just after the wedding rehearsal. Traditionally a sit-down meal was served and it was the groom’s family who picked up the tab. Today there are no rules for the rehearsal dinner. Everything is entirely up to the bride and groom including who is invited, who will pay, and what will be served. With both men and women marrying older, it is most often the bride and groom who pay for the rehearsal dinner.

The trend in rehearsal dinners is towards relaxed, informal, intimate get-togethers – just the bride and groom, immediately families, and the wedding party. It’s a terrific opportunity for all of those who mean the most to you to mix, mingle, and get to know each other if the haven’t already had the opportunity to do so. The Toronto Wedding Chapel is a great venue for an intimate rehearsal dinner. Many events in addition to weddings, take place in this fabulous locale.

Many brides and grooms are really personalizing their rehearsal dinners by creating a theme – poker night, showing old home movies, or a luau. Serve a signature cocktail instead of a fully stocked bar. Eschew the sit-down meal in favour of finger food and/or food stations or a themed buffet. Intimate rehearsal dinners don’t require you to send out formal invitations. A practical e-invitation or a phone call will suffice. Just be sure that your guests confirm their attendance so that you will be able to provide the caterer with an accurate count. Contact The Toronto Wedding Chapel to book your rehearsal dinner. It’s a great venue for an intimate rehearsal dinner and it’s located right in the heart of Toronto, easily accessible by public transit (TTC) or by car.