Many celebrities are now wearing more than one gown at their weddings. It may have started because one celebrity bride just couldn’t decide on which dress to choose, so she bought both. No one knows for sure how it started but Christina Aguilera seems to be the one credited with starting the trend. When she married Jordan Bratman she arrived for her ceremony with her hair decorated in jewels and pulled back in a bun topped by white flowers, wearing a flamenco-style wedding dress by Christian Lacroix and carrying a diamond rosary instead of flowers. During the reception she wore 2 different dresses – a Les Habitudes gown and a cream satin and velvet halter dress by Simone Harouche.

As we all know, what ever trends are hot in the unreal celebrity world, trickle down to the real mortal world. The multiple dress trend has evolved into more than just buying two or more dresses. The bride’s total look for the ceremony and reception can be completely different. The long white traditional gown with a romantic upswept hairdo is still the style of choice for the ceremony. The look is kept long enough for the formal portraits so that memories of being a fairy princess will be captured for posterity. Then comes the big switch. While the guests are enjoying a cocktail at the reception the bride is totally changing her look. Depending on the location of the wedding or the bride’s personal style, anything goes. Some brides let their hair down, and put on a mini and flip flops. To complement the change in style some brides opt for 2 different colour schemes for the ceremony and reception. The whole idea is to make it yours and have fun.