In years past there was a single hot wedding colour. This year there are interesting combinations of muted shades offset by exciting bold accents.

Gray continues to be a popular wedding colour, but in 2009 it is not being used solo. Bright shades are being used to spice up the look – add a brightly coloured sash, decorate with spectacular florals in dramatic shades, order a brightly coloured wedding cake or at least use a bright colour for the trim. One of the hottest combinations is gray and pink. Any shade of pink will do from pastel to bubble gum neon shades, particularly for summer weddings. Yellow, orange, and peach are being used successfully together for spring and summer weddings, outdoor weddings, or to create or enhance a tropical theme. They can be used throughout the wedding including décor, florals, and bridesmaids’ dresses.

If these combinations seem a little too youthful or girly, a very sophisticated look is silver and purple. These colours will work throughout the year, including for winter weddings and will be ideal for mature couples or for second or third marriages. Brown is still a popular choice, but in 2009 it is not used alone but as a combination with cream, glittering gold, bold orange, hot pink or one of the hottest home décor combinations – brown and blue.

The important thing to remember is that the trends are meant to be used as guidelines and you should ultimately choose what ever will make you happy. One of my friends had always dreamed of a pastel blue wedding and when the time came it didn’t matter to her what the current trends were. She had her pastel blue wedding and 32 years later she is still delighted that she did.