Summer wedding colours take their cue from natural summer elements. Let nature inspire you to incorporate the naturally occurring colours of summer into your wedding colour scheme.

Beach colours: You don’t have to have a beach wedding to be inspired by the colours of the beach. Pair the neutral shades of the sand – white, off-white, linen, ecru, eggshell, cream, and beige with the tranquil shades of the sea – all shades of blue, green, and turquoise.

Citrus colours: The fresh, crisp shades of citrus will brighten up your wedding palette. Bright yellow, vibrant orange, and lime green can be used as primary colour elements or as complementary shades.

Flower colours: The exiting shades of summer flowers are the perfect wedding colour palette. You don’t have to choose just one shade. Mix and match or use them all – red, hot pink, orange, royal purple, vibrant yellow, baby pink, lavender, mauve, coral, lilac, and light blue. There are no rules, just your imagination and your personal sense of style. One way to incorporate multiple floral shades into your wedding colour scheme is to have the bridesmaids wear floral print dresses that tie the multi-coloured scheme together.

Herb and plant colours: We tend to ignore non-flowering plants in favour of their showy flowering cousins, but green plants and herbs offer an exciting array of green shades that will complement any summer wedding colour scheme – sage, khaki, forest green, and bright green.

Let the exciting shades of summer inspire your wedding colour palette.