Will your Wedding Guests be Super Charged or Unplugged?

Super Charged Social Media Wedding

There is a growing trend in weddings to have the entire wedding day captured and shared on social media by the wedding guests. Starting with a custom hashtag, the wedding guests are encouraged to use Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest… Of course we all know how quickly our smartphones run out of juice, so tech savvy couples who are encouraging their guests to share on social media are including charging stations at the wedding. Instead of looking like the tech department of your office, these charging stations are dressed up to look like cocktail tables and blend in with the décor.

Then of course there are couples who cringe at the idea of wedding guests remaining attached to their smartphones, sharing every aspect of the wedding as it happens. In fact some couples are declaring their weddings “cell free zones”. Phone checks are set up at the door and no one is permitted to enter with a cell phone. Michael Jordan’s wedding required that guests checked their phones at the door and in addition they were asked not to take any photos or videos.

If you are opting for an unplugged wedding, be prepared for opposition. Although no one would dare to complain to Michael Jordan or defy him, your guests may. Many people are seriously addicted to their smartphones and asking them to give them up, even for a short time, would be dramatic and traumatic. If you are going to go this route, make sure that your guests know in advance that the wedding is going to be technology free and that the only one who will be taking photos and/or videos will be the photographer/videographer.

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