Selfie Booths are All the Rage at Weddings

Wedding Selfie Booths

Selfies have always been popular; we just didn’t always call them selfies. Way back in the old days photo booths (as they were then known) were all the rage. You could find them in pretty much every Five & Dime store like Woolworths and in amusement parks. Inside the booth was a stool that you could spin to go higher or lower and it cost 25 cents for four black and white photos. The quality was pretty poor compared to today’s technology, but they sure did create memories. I still keep one in my wallet of my brother and me taken at Woolworths when we were kids.

Fast forward to 2016, and we all still love selfies for exactly the same reason – they create and preserve memories. Having a selfie booth at your wedding allows your guests to create instant keepsakes. The quality is great and they can email them or upload them to social media. And, this is a great way to incorporate social media into an unplugged wedding.

One thing every selfie booth has in common is really fun props. Let your imagination run wild. You can have props that that tie in with your wedding theme or just props that are fun. There’s usually a great selection of outrageous hats and eyeglasses. If you’re giving your guests wedding favours you can give them a photo frame for their keepsake selfie or a prop to use when they take their selfie.

There’s always a line up and a crowd around a selfie booth so make sure you have one at your wedding. For more great wedding ideas and to book the date for your wedding, contact the Toronto Wedding Chapel today.