Ready for an Unplugged Wedding?

Unplugged Wedding

We’re a society addicted to our mobile devices. Some people even sleep with their Smartphones. Do you want your wedding to be an event or a social media event? In ever increasing numbers brides and grooms are opting for “unplugged weddings”, where technology is not welcome. I’m sure we’ve all been to a wedding where the guests’ cell phone use became intrusive. How many couples do you know who were horrified to find photos of their wedding uploaded to Facebook, Snapchat, Pinterest or Twitter?

It’s your day and you should decide how you want to capture your special moments. And you should decide what images to release and how to release them. That’s why unplugged weddings are becoming more prevalent. There are several ways to have an unplugged wedding.

  1. Have the guests check their cell phones in the same way they check their coats. This will ensure that your guests don’t interfere with the photographer and release photos or videos on social media without your permission.
  2. Create a cell phone lounge where guests can check their emails or make phone calls if necessary but not take any photos or videos.
  3. Designate phone-free periods where you absolutely don’t want anyone taking photos or videos. This way you can control when the photos are taken. This could work if you don’t want any photos taken during the ceremony but don’t mind candids at the reception.

However you choose to “unplug” you’ll have to make this very clear to your guests whether you include a note with your invitation, post on your website, include a hand out with the programs, post a sign at the venue or have the Officiant make an announcement. Remember the wedding is all about you!

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