Our Top 10 Tips for Spring Weddings on a Budget

Spring Wedding

There are many creative ways to save money and plan a fabulous spring wedding on a budget. Here are our Top Ten Tips:

  1. Have the ceremony and reception at the same location. This will eliminate the need to rent 2 venues and the additional costs of transportation between the venues.
  2. Get married during the week. Most venues charge the most for weekend weddings and may be very negotiable for mid-week dates.
  3. Select a venue where you can bring in your own caterer. This will allow you the flexibility of working with a caterer within your budget.
  4. Have a daytime – brunch or lunch wedding. This will save a considerable amount of money in food and on the bar bill as there is a tendency to drink much less during the day than in the evening.
  5. Instead of spirits serve Sangria and different types of punch. This will embrace the flavours of spring and dramatically reduce the cost of alcohol.
  6. Have a cocktail party instead of a sit-down meal.
  7. Instead of a sweet table, have a candy buffet.
  8. Vintage and historical themed wedding gowns are all the rage – shop in your mother or grandmother’s closet or in a vintage store.
  9. Use seasonal flowers, potted flowers, herbs, fruit, and natural elements to decorate your venue.
  10. Send your invitations by email.
Spring Wedding

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