Multicultural Ceremonies

Adding a multicultural flair to your Toronto wedding ceremony is easier than you think. Here at the Toronto Wedding Chapel we often incorporate ethnic and cultural details into our weddings. We recently had a couple from South America who wanted to have Argentian Tango Music playing while they walked down the aisle. Well, in the end they more ‘danced’ down the aisle!

We’ve also included traditional florals as part of our ceremonies as well. Whether it’s the Marigold in South East Asian weddings, or the Lavender for French weddings—adding these little touches makes your wedding day unique to you.

A wonderful trend is to include more than one culture in the festivities. We recently had a couple in the Chapel of mixed background who included both his Scottish heritage and her Philippino background in their ceremony. The men were in kilts and the women were in beautiful dresses made in the Phillipines. The reception was filled with traditional foods from both countries–and everyone had a wonderful time tasting something new! Blending the two cultures was a beautiful way to celbrate two cultures coming together to create a new family.

Until next time,
Happy Planning