The 10 Latest Trends in Mother of the Bride Dresses

Mother of the Bride Dress

There’s a mistaken impression that Mothers of the Bride look frumpy and old. Well, that’s just not so. Mothers of the Bride can look fashion forward, chic and sexy. The only rule is never upstage the bride. The degree of formality, style, and length of the dress will be largely dictated by the formality of the wedding, time of day and season.

  1. Shorter silhouettes: Shorter silhouettes are very much in vogue for Mothers of the Bride. The only places that shorter silhouettes would be inappropriate are formal and black tie weddings. So Moms, go out and get yourself a fabulous dress that you will be able to wear again.
  2. Lace: Lace is all the rage these days at weddings and on the runway. Moms, if you love lace, go for it.
  3. Pastels: Pastel shades are very on trend for Mothers of the Bride. Moms, if pastel shades don’t suit you, find a colour that’s going to make you look and feel fabulous! Never be a victim to trends.
  4. Champagne Hues: Champagne is hot right now for Mothers of the Bride and on the runway. However, if the bride is wearing a champagne gown (or a colour very close to it), select another colour. The most important rule at a wedding is never upstage the bride.
  5. Bateau Necklines: Bateau necklines are very sexy and appropriate for Mothers of the Bride. It opens up the neck/shoulder area beautifully, so Moms, if you’ve got it, flaunt it.
  6. Jeweled necklines: Jeweled necklines are elegant and beautiful for Mothers of the Bride. They draw the attention up to the face and solve the problem of what necklace to wear.
  7. Illusion Sleeves: Illusion sleeves are a great choice for Mothers of the Bride. If you’re in any way self conscious about your arms, illusion sleeves give you a bit of coverage while still feeling light and airy. And, if the wedding is in a house of worship, you won’t have to add another layer to cover your shoulders.
  8. Cap Sleeves: Cap sleeves are another great choice for Mothers of the Bride who are self consciousness of their arms or who want to make sure that their foundation garments don’t show.
  9. Capes: Capes are very fashion forward these days for Mothers of the Bride, on runways and in street wear. Not only are they chic, but they can also hide areas of your body which you feel are not your best assets. And, if the wedding is in a house of worship, your shoulders will be covered.
  10. Tiered Skirts: Tiered skirts are great for the Mother of the Bride. They look fabulous in both short and long styles and add a lot of visual interest. And they move beautifully while you’re dancing.

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