So much preparation and care goes into the planning of a wedding, particularly the ceremony and reception. Although consideration is given to the recessional in terms of protocol, why not plan a fabulous grand exit? It will really add some sparkle and originality to your wedding. How grand should your exit be? It should be in keeping with the magnitude of your wedding and of course what your budget will allow. However there are interesting options for all weddings and all budgets.

Rice is out. We don’t throw rice anymore because we have been told that it is not good for the birds. Did you know that this is a myth? According to Mary Jo Cheesman of the USA Rice Federation and the Curator of Ornithology at USC Berkeley many migrating ducks and geese depend on rice to fatten up and build strength for their migrating treks and milled, uncooked rice is no more harmful to birds than rice in the fields. However, rice on a hard surface poses a risk to people, causing them to trip and fall. What are some safe and attractive alternatives to rice that will create a grand exit?

Depending on the location of your wedding and your budget here are some suggestions for more extravagant grand exits.

The most extravagant grand exit of all is when the bride and groom depart in a helicopter or a private plane. What kind of grand exit will you have at your wedding?