Intimate Micro Wedding Trends in North America

Micro Weddings Toronto

What is a Micro Wedding? A Micro Wedding can contain all of the elements of a traditional wedding – gorgeous venue, food and beverage, décor, music, photographer – but it’s on a much smaller scale. It’s more relaxed in atmosphere and it’s much less stress to organize than a traditional wedding. For couples looking for a more intimate, affordable ceremony, look no further than the Micro Wedding.

Have a Micro Wedding:

  • Don’t have a big bridal party, just a few siblings or best friends.
  • Have a wedding that you really WANT. If you want a brunch, evening wedding, dancing – go for it.
  • Get everyone together in the photos.
  • Dine family style – very exotic or casual.
  • It’s easy to personalize.
  • Skip what isn’t important and pricey extras.
  • Splurge wisely.
  • You can spend time with your guests.

Not every couple wants a big wedding celebration. Some want intimacy with their close friends and family. Others don’t want to spend a fortune on a wedding. Micro Weddings are for couples who want a part of the traditional ceremony built into their day, but at a fraction of the price and stress. They’re a celebration of love, joy and happiness! 

Micro Weddings Toronto

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