Incorporating Loved Ones in Your Ceremony

The Toronto Wedding Chapel

Your wedding is a time to celebrate your love. But, it’s also a time for your loved ones to come together as one. How can you include your family and friends at the wedding?

Processional: Give everyone a place of honour – parents, grandparents, brothers, sisters, best friends. Make everyone feel welcomed.

Wedding Altar: You can have anyone you want at the altar – family and/or friends.

Music: If anyone sings or plays an instrument, let them give a show.

Readings and Blessings: Ask your friends or family to select or write a reading or blessing.

Rituals: There are many rituals like a unity candle that help unite a family.

Children: Page boys or flower girls make people smile.

Dogs: Yes, dogs! Dress them up and walk them down the aisle.

Menu: Select family dishes.

There are many ways to incorporate loved ones in your ceremony. Anything that you do, just make your loved ones feel welcome. It’s all about love!

The Toronto Wedding Chapel

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