The traditional answer was between 1 and 2 years. There were several very good reasons for what seems to be a very lengthy engagement. First and foremost this substantial time interval gave couples more time to get to know each other. It also gave the families time to become acquainted because as most of you have no doubt heard, the merging of two families does not happen in an instant. And, it provided ample time to plan a wedding.

However, times have changed and so has the period of time that couples choose to be engaged prior to the wedding. Couples now tend to know each other very well prior to marriage. In fact many are already living together prior to getting married therefore a long period prior to the marriage in order to get to know each other is not required. So, apparently is the time required to merge the two families. Chances are if a couple has been living together, the families have had the opportunity to meet on multiple occasions. Depending on the size of the wedding, the cost, and the logistics involved, a long engagement may still be required. Couples paying for their own wedding may need the engagement time to save money for the wedding.

With a trend for more intimate weddings, many couples are now opting for a 3 month engagement or even less. A long engagement period is no longer a requirement for planning or saving for the wedding as the cost of a small wedding significantly simplifies the process and reduces the cost. Whether you choose a big wedding, small wedding, are planning long term, or you are eloping, contact the Toronto Wedding Chapel. Our experienced wedding coordinators will transform your wedding vision into reality – tomorrow or next year.