Summer is a lighter time of year and our palates prefer lighter fare as well. We are seeing a greater importance on cocktail hour in summer weddings and in some cases cocktail parties with food stations instead of full meals. The key is that everything is bite-sized and there is no cutlery required. Summer menus should be light, zesty, and flavourful. Fish and poultry are great choices. Take advantages of seasonal local fruits and vegetables. They are not only more delicious, but more economical.

If you are planning an outdoor wedding or if your venue is not air conditioned, be very careful about how and where the food is placed. You should have plenty of non-alcoholic beverages on hand – water, fruit juices, and fruit punch should be easily accessible.

Some of the hot summer food trends are:

Tropical themes and tropical theme menus are popular for summer. If you can’t have an outdoor beach wedding you can recreate the menu indoors with fresh fish and seafood menus complemented by tropical fruit and exotic beverages. With so many great choices for summer weddings, will you be trying any of the new trends?