Fall Wedding Catering Trends
  1. Feature 2 Different Types of Food: You may be in love, but you don’t have to like the same foods; or perhaps one of you has a particular dietary requirement. The answer is to feature two different types of food – Meat & Vegetarian, Italian & Indian, French & Mexican…. The variations are endless. This trend is also the perfect solution for multi-cultural weddings where menu discussions can become a bone of contention.
  2. One-Plate Meals: This is not only convenient, but the way the food is displayed on the plate can be very artistic and appetising. Discuss this option with your caterer; I’m sure that they will have some very interesting suggestions.
  3. Retro Food: Your childhood favourites are back and trendy. Instead of rubber chicken how about burgers and fries, pot pie, or fish and chips? Use your imagination and serve any of your old favourites.
  4. Minis Are In: We’re not talking about dresses; we’re talking about food, especially desserts – mini cakes, mini brownies, mini muffins, mini pies, mini crumbles…… Maxi Delicious!
  5. Food Trucks Are Hip: Who would have believed that the humble food truck has now become chic and trendy enough to be a part of wedding dining? At casual weddings food trucks are a great alternative to sit down meals or they can complement a more formal wedding by serving the late night snacks.

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Fall Wedding Catering Trends