Many people believe that the richness of autumn colours makes it the most spectacular time of the year. The fabulous traditional seasonal colours – red, burgundy, gold, yellow, burnt orange, ochre, leaf green, chocolate brown, purple – can all be used in wedding décor.

Bring nature indoors. Potted trees will help to create the outdoor look of fall indoors. Use real berries, foliage, and grasses on banisters, tables, chairs, archways, or the podium. Fake versions are very realistic and can be used very effectively. Branches make great décor accessories and can be used in their natural state of spray painted. I’ve seen them sprayed in gold and they were just gorgeous. Pots of mums and baskets of apples and pomegranates are not only beautiful but fragrant.

Spicy scented candles make lovely additions to the table. Instead of candles hollowed out apples are interesting tea light holders. Or, miniature carved pumpkins can be used as votive holders. Scattered leaves and acorns are lovely table decorations. Use textured tablecloths in unusual materials like quilted or ruched silk, linen, velvet, or ultra suede. Another interesting trend is to layer 2 tablecloths – sheer on top of a more substantial fabric. Metallic accessories like napkin rings, picture frames, and vases in copper, pewter, silver, brass, or bronze complement the rich, fall colours. A large, hollowed out pumpkin can be used as a vase or you can place a vase inside the pumpkin. In addition to traditional desserts have caramel apples on your sweet table.

There are no limits to what you can do and how you can create great décor ideas using the beauty that nature has already provided.