If you are like most people today, you are concerned about money and you may be rethinking your plans for the wedding of your dreams. Wait! You don’t have to sacrifice your dreams for your budget. The two are not mutually exclusive of each other and can actually coexist quite harmoniously together. Do what many couples are doing and don’t give anything up, just scale it down. At the end of the day although a large wedding may have been a nice idea, the only people that really need to be in attendance are your closest friends and family.

The Toronto Wedding Chapel is Toronto’s premier location for intimate and glamorous weddings on a small scale. We can comfortably accommodate 25 guests in our exquisite space. The only thing small is the number of people in attendance, not the quality of amenities or the selection of options available. Please browse our sample packages at your leisure. Every element of your dream wedding has been taken into account.

We are professional wedding planners who have years of experience transforming wedding dreams into reality. Brides and grooms can rest assured that your wedding can be both glamorous and elegant, even on a budget. You can serve the best champagne and the finest food captured on film or video by a first class photographer/videographer. The only difference will be the number of people in attendance. Instead of a large wedding, your wedding will be an intimate affair of the highest quality and it will be most memorable to those people in your life that matter the most.