Getting in Shape for the Wedding

The wedding is getting closer and you are starting to panic. You had planned to lose weight for the wedding, but one thing led to another and one entertainment led to another and now it’s crunch time – now or never. Fear not, there are boot camps that would make an army sergeant weep guaranteed to get brides or grooms or brides and grooms in shape for the big day. Fitness boot camps have become all the rage in the last few years. They come in many different varieties – bikini boot camps, survivor boot camps, adventure boot camps and of course bridal boot camps. They offer fitness and nutrition plans to help you to achieve your goals with plenty of motivation. The group programs are generic but the individual programs are personalized, fun, and brutal. Ideally you should begin 10 – 12 weeks in advance. These programs are not about starving and pumping iron. They are about burning fat as efficiently as possible and working within the parameters of your present fitness level or lack thereof. Previous workout experience is not required. Enthusiasm is.

You can find these intense, military style programs in gyms – group and personal sessions, and with personal trainers who specifically operate pre-wedding boot camps that can run for a weekend or for weeks.

In Toronto check out the Bridal Boot Camp

For a free online bridal boot camp check out Bride Boot Camp Workout

In Calgary, Winnipeg, and Regina check out the Sage Bridal Boot Camp

Fitness boot camps for the whole bridal party check out Fitness Boot Camps Canada

In Alberta, British Columbia, and Ontario check out Cardio-Core Boot Camp

Do you know anyone that has attended a bridal boot camp? Have you attended? Would you recommend it to others? I’d love to know how many brides who attend a bridal boot camp stay in the shape after the wedding.