Fusion Weddings

When most of us hear the term “fusion” we immediately think of fusion cuisine where two or more ethnic or regional cuisines are integrated or “fused”. Fusion weddings are the integration or “fusing” of two or more ethnic or regional cultures and cuisine is one element of a fusion wedding. As we live in a global village it can be no surprise that in ever increasing numbers couples from different religions, cultures, and countries of origin are meeting and choosing to marry. Did you know that over 100 languages and dialects are spoken right here in Toronto, one of the most culturally diverse cities in the world? However, planning a fusion wedding can present challenges. After all, there are two very different families from totally different backgrounds, each wanting to celebrate with their own customs. Can you have a successful fusion wedding with both sides of the family satisfied? Absolutely! The Toronto Wedding Chapel is the scene of many fusion weddings, and we plan them offsite for larger groups as well. It takes careful planning and expertise, but we’re always up for the challenge. Have a look at some of the lovely photos from one of our recent fusion weddings.

At the Toronto Wedding Chapel we have many creative ways to weave the traditions and customs of each family into the wedding. Some couples opt for one culture to dominate the ceremony and the other culture to dominate the reception. Another option is to have two separate religious wedding ceremonies and one reception. The most popular preference is that all aspects of the wedding are as integrated as possible. There are many ways to integrate different cultures at a fusion wedding:

Wedding Attire: The bride and groom each wear the traditional wedding garb of their culture.
Wedding Ceremony
: The bride and the groom can each say a part of their vows in their native language.
: Feature décor elements of both cultures.
: A DJ with access to the music of both cultures is extremely cost effective.
: Finally we get down to fusion cuisine. Food is the easiest way to blend two cultures at the wedding reception and food stations or a buffet are an excellent way to showcase the cuisine of both cultures. An innovative caterer may be able to create a few special signature dishes that incorporate some elements of each culture in the true meaning of fusion cuisine.

Each fusion wedding is unique to the two families merging. Contact the Toronto Wedding Chapel today for some interesting insights on how we can create a magical and stress-free fusion wedding for you.