Feathers – The Hottest Trend in Weddings

Wedding Bouquet with Feathers

Feathers have been all the rage in 2009 and this trend is definitely going to carry over into 2010. They are extremely versatile and can be incorporated into all aspects of the wedding – invitations, bouquets, boutonnieres, centrepieces, décor, wedding dresses, head pieces, hairdos, and attached to napkin rings and favour boxes – while adding an air of the exotic. Here are some ideas for incorporating feathers into your wedding.

Invitations: Small feathers can be used to adorn invitations.

Boutonnieres: Tiny peacock eye feathers are the perfect size for use as boutonnieres.

Bouquets: Feathers can be mixed with flowers to give a style punch to a traditional bouquet or the entire bouquet can be fashioned out of feathers, making it an extremely unique and eye catching creation. The great advantage to feathers is their shelf life. Unlike flowers which are highly perishable, feathers will last for a very long time.

Centrepieces: As in bouquets, feathers can be added to a floral arrangement or used entirely on their own.

Décor: Feathers can be scattered loosely on table tops and fashioned into tall standing floor arrangements.

Wedding Dresses: Feathers can be added to wedding dresses as an embellishment.

Head Pieces: Feathers are the ideal accompaniment to a veil, particularly if the style is vintage.

Hairdos: Feathers can be attached directly to the hair or to a head band.

Napkin Rings and Favour Boxes: Feathers can be attached to napkin rings to create a stunning table setting and to favour boxes for an air of elegance.

The ultimate in feathers is a wedding dress made of 3,999 peacock feathers which is valued at approximately $3 million. In the photo below courtesy of luxurylaunches.com a model from Shenzhen, Guangdong Province of China is modeling this extraordinary creation.