Fall Food Trends

The lighter fare of summer is replaced by more substantial, intensely flavoured foods in the fall. As the weather cools our appetites heat up. Menus are as rich in colour as they are in taste. Take advantage of the harvest of the autumn for some innovative and unique dishes that will please the eye as well as delight the palate.

Cocktails: spiced cider, mulled wine, and spiced rum served in mason jars

Hors D’oeuvres: spiced nuts, seasoned popcorn, pretzels with mustard, miniature sandwiches, sliders, sweet potato fries, mini Yorkshire pudding, mini pizzas

First Course:

Main Course: Meaty fish like salmon, Cornish hens, turkey, lam, veal, pork roast, or game meats served with wild rice, brown rice, or risotto

Dessert: apple pie, fruit tarts, brownies, caramel apples, dried fruit dipped in chocolate

Wedding Cakes: Chocolate cake and cheesecake are favourites decorated and accompanied by seasonal fruit

Wedding favours: candy apples, homemade relishes or chutneys, cider mix, hot chocolate mix, maple syrup

When planning the menu for a fall wedding the choices are as abundant as the harvest. Think warm, hearty, and substantial and you can’t go wrong. What are your favourite fall dishes?