Valentine’s Day was an incredibly busy day at the Toronto Wedding Chapel. Cupid really kicked it into high gear and we’re delighted to report that on Valentine’s Day 13 happy couples chose to get married at the Toronto Wedding Chapel. We wish them all a lifetime of love!

If you’ve been trying to plan your wedding, but you’re thinking of putting it off because of financial considerations, don’t delay! We believe that every couple should have the wedding of their dreams, even in a tight economy. That’s why we’ve created the perfect Recession Special and we know that you won’t be able to resist. We call it The Sweet and Low Special. Our fabulous wedding planning team has employed some very creative cost cutting measures that save you oodles of money but never compromise quality. You can have a picture perfect wedding and no one will every guess how little it cost. Have a look for yourself. For the amazing price of $1,995 plus tax your Sweet and Low Special for up to 25 guests includes:

Even in challenging economic conditions the Toronto Wedding Chapel will go the extra mile to ensure that couples can have the wedding of their dreams without breaking the bank. Contact us today.