10 Tips On How To Save Money On Your Wedding

Save Money On Your Wedding

We’re frequently asked how to save money on your wedding so we’re sharing our 10 favourite cost saving tips with you.

  1. Guest List: Trim, trim, trim the guest list. An intimate wedding with close friends and family is the most effective way to save money on your wedding because most wedding costs are calculated on a per person basis. Fewer people = lesser costs.
  2. Wedding Invitations: We live in a digital world so why not send your invitations online. You’ll save on paper, printing, calligraphy and postage.
  3. Date of Wedding: Save money by getting married during the week instead of the weekend.
  4. Time of Day: A daytime wedding will be much cheaper than an evening affair. It’s always cheaper to serve brunch or lunch. Instead of serving a meal, consider a cocktail reception.
  5. Wedding Venue: Hold your ceremony and reception in the same place. You will not have to pay for two separate venues, pay for transportation between venues, and it will reduce your carbon footprint. Choose a venue like the Toronto Wedding Chapel where you can have both your ceremony and reception and that doesn’t require decoration. Wedding décor represents a large expense.
  6. Wedding Dress: Wearing your Mom’s wedding dress or borrowing a dress is your most economical option. Did you know that you that you can rent a wedding dress? There are also great designer and sample sales. Buy a well-fitting gown that doesn’t require a lot of alterations. Alterations on a wedding dress can cost between $400 and $500 dollars!
  7. Alcohol: Alcohol can be one of the biggest expenses of a wedding. Instead of an open bar, opt for a signature cocktail, or just serve wine.
  8. Centrepieces: There are many ways to save money on centrepieces – silk flowers, potted flowering plants, candles, balloons, feathers, using seasonal items like pumpkins, make cake pop centrepieces…
  9. Flowers: Choose seasonal and local flowers. Or opt for silk flowers instead of fresh flowers. For the bouquets, use a single flower instead of a large arrangement. Feathers are also a very popular alternative to flowers.
  10. Favours: Skip favours all together. Or if you prefer to offer favours, make them yourself. Edible favours are always a hit – jams, jellies, cookies, fudge, chocolates…

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