You already know that the Toronto Wedding Chapel has a fantastic photographer, but did you know that he is available for photography offsite as well? For most brides their wedding day becomes a blur of nervous activity. How much of it will you actually remember afterwards aside from the anecdotes told by friends and family? Now you won’t have to miss a thing. We offer combination offsite/onsite wedding photography packages for as many hours as you require so that you can document your entire day, capturing every moment of this unforgettable experience – indoor, outdoor, home, last minute shopping, lunch, hair and make-up, getting dressed or maybe not, travel to the Chapel, the wedding, the reception, and the send off – all captured for posterity. Instead of just wedding portraits and a few candid shots you will have captured the entire experience and every emotion of the day.

Here are a just few of our fantastic packages. We will be delighted to customize a wedding photography package just for you that will meet your exact requirements and your budget. The photographs are always of the highest quality and we provide high resolution images on DVD with every package. This means you can print extra copies for friends and family.

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