Cocktail parties are an ideal way to entertain for both business and pleasure. They are planned for a finite time frame and they can be very cost effective. And, unlike sit-down dinners where you are trapped in a chair with a limited number of people within earshot, cocktails parties were made for mixing and mingling.

It is not necessary to serve a full course meal at a cocktail party. Hors d’oeuvres and finger foods are all you really need and a wonderful way to contain expenses. After all, who isn’t on a budget these days? Feel free to eschew more expensive hors d’oeuvres like shrimp and smoked salmon in favour of more reasonable fare – spring rolls, samosas, mini-quiches, sliders, meat balls, sausage rolls, bruschetta, and dips. Food stations are also an option and can also be done inexpensively – salad stations, soup stations, sandwich stations are just a few choices.

The bar is an integral part of a cocktail party. Although we always focus on the alcoholic beverages, don’t forget to have an ample supply of water, juices, and pop on hand for the designated drivers in the group. Depending on the number of guests and the size of your budget, a full bar offers the most choice. Guests can sidle up to the bar and request their favourite drinks. There is a trend these days to offering a signature cocktail instead of a full bar, which is great news for your wallet. You can have a drink created and named for you which is both whimsical and economical. Another popular option is a wine bar.

Of course the venue can make or break your party. It must be conveniently located, easily accessible by car and by public transit. And, it must be inviting. For intimate parties contact the Toronto Wedding Chapel Event Space. You’ll be amazed at what we offer.