Civil Ceremony Wedding

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Civil ceremonies, also referred to as secular ceremonies, are ideal for couples who are not religious in any way, who come from different religions, or are planning a same sex marriage. It allows for a neutral joining where the focus is on the wedding and not religious or cultural differences. Although interfaith weddings are an option, civil ceremonies are much simpler and may serve to avoid potential problems with the families.

Officiants must be licensed to perform marriage ceremonies by the Register General of the Province of Ontario. Choose an Officiant that will support you in personalizing your ceremony. You may include cultural or religious traditions from either of your backgrounds, choose music that is particularly meaningful to both of you, incorporate special readings, or recite your own vows.

A civil ceremony is just as legal and binding as a religious ceremony. It incorporates all of the elements required by law, without any religious blessings, unless you opt to include religious rituals. A civil ceremony flows in the same way as a religious ceremony – wedding procession, opening remarks, wedding vows, ring exchange and any other unity ritual, pronouncement, kiss, and closing remarks. Directly following your ceremony you will receive a Record of Solemnization of Marriage. This is a legal document that serves as proof of your marriage.

If you are interested in a civil ceremony, please give us a call. Not only do we take care of every detail of the wedding, we also provide Officiants for secular ceremonies.

Civil Ceremony Wedding