Toronto Wedding Chapel Wedding Vows

Renew Your Wedding Vows at the Toronto Wedding Chapel

More and more couples these days are renewing their wedding vows. In this fast paced world in which we live, it’s a loving and romantic gesture to make your marriage a priority and renew your vows. If you’re a watcher of one of the many “wedding dress” television shows, you’ve

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How to Write Your Own Wedding Vows

Let’s face it; wedding vows don’t speak to the hearts of many couples getting married. Traditional vows are almost clinical in nature. Once you’ve been to a few weddings I’m sure that you can recite them by heart. This has led many couples to decide to write their own vows

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Wedding Vows

As a wedding planner we often get asked about vows. Whether they should be personal or whether they should repeat the officiant’s standard vows. As with all aspects of your wedding, vows are a personal choice. For many, the chance to express, through their own words, their love and affection

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