Toronto Wedding Chapel Wedding Destination

Destination Weddings

When we think of destination weddings we think of sandy beaches, breathtaking sunsets and starry nights. But, did you know that Toronto is a very popular locale for destination weddings too? It’s as simple as possible to obtain a marriage license in Ontario and there are no residency or blood

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Faqs About Destination Weddings

Many couples who are planning destination weddings have concerns and questions. Here are the most frequently asked questions about destination weddings. Q: If we get married out of the country, will our marriage be legal? We read some news articles about couples who got married at destination weddings and eventually

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Wedding Destination – Toronto Wedding Chapel

Many of you already know that the Toronto Wedding Chapel is the premier destination for intimate weddings in Toronto, but did you know that the Toronto Wedding Chapel is also a destination for couples from all over the world? Couples from exotic locales including Australia, Korea, Hong Kong, and Malaysia

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