Are You Confused About Wedding Gifts?

Many of us are confounded as what kind of gift and/or what amount is appropriate for a wedding gift. Here are 5 tips which will hopefully make the process a little less arduous.

  1. Do I have to purchase a gift from the couple’s registry? No, you do not have to purchase a gift from the couple’s registry. If you are very close with the couple and prefer to give a gift that is more personal in nature, or if you are planning to write a big check, by all means go for it. However, in most cases it really makes sense to buy something from the registry because these are the items that the couple wants and/or needs (you don’t have to even like the item). If there is nothing on the registry in your price range you can get together with friends to purchase a larger item or send the couple a gift card from the store that they registered with.
  2. How much should I spend on a wedding gift? The average price of a wedding gift is $75 – $100. This may be higher in major cities where weddings are more costly or lower in smaller cities where weddings are considerably less expensive.
  3. Do I have to give a wedding gift if I’m not attending the wedding? If you have received an invitation to the wedding you should send a gift, although the gift can be considerably less in value than if you had attended.
  4. Can I bring my gift to the wedding reception? Unless you are giving cash or a cheque, the answer is no. There may not be a secure area where the gifts can be stored and it may be very difficult for the couple to transport the gifts after the wedding. Ask the couple where you can send or deliver the gift prior to the wedding.
  5. Can I give a give after the wedding? Although wedding etiquette states that you can give a give a gift up to 6 months after the wedding, it is always advisable to give a gift before the wedding or a monetary gift at the wedding.