The 6 Latest Trends in Engagement Rings

Engagement Rings

It all starts with a proposal and a ring. What will your engagement ring look like? Before you make a decision, have a look at the latest trends in engagement rings.

  1. Coloured Stones: This trend may have all started with Kate Middleton who is proudly wearing Princess Diana’s magnificent sapphire engagement ring, but it’s still going strong. In addition to sapphires, rubies and emeralds, coloured diamonds are all the rage.
  2. Vintage Inspired: Vintage and vintage-inspired engagement rings are very much in vogue. They are extremely feminine and very sophisticated. Many jewelers have an estate jewelry section where you may find the perfect ring. Or if you have a photo of your grandmother’s or great grandmother’s engagement ring, a jeweler may be able to recreate it for you.
  3. Interesting Solitaire Shapes: Traditional diamond solitaires are round cut diamonds. The trend is shifting to other interesting cuts – emerald cut, cushion cut, pear shaped, heart shaped and marquise.
  4. Mixed Metals: In addition to platinum, many brides are selecting white gold, yellow gold and other precious metals for a more modern look.
  5. Eternity Bands as Engagement Rings: Eternity bands are absolutely gorgeous and timeless. Many brides feel that an eternity band is all that they want, so instead of the traditional engagement ring and wedding band, they are wearing an eternity band as a combination of the two.
  6. Eco-friendly Engagement Rings: Wearing a family heirloom or a ring made of recycles metals is not only eco-friendly but also participates in the vintage trend. If you are buying a stone, make sure that it is not a blood diamond product.

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