Monthly Archives: May 2016

Wedding Gifts That Make a Difference

Gift giving has really changed from toasters, coffee makers and carving knives. Many couples have been living on their own or have been previously married so there’s no need to help them set up their first home. Many couples already have the necessities of life and don’t want more stuff.

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Selfie Booths are All the Rage at Weddings

Selfies have always been popular; we just didn’t always call them selfies. Way back in the old days photo booths (as they were then known) were all the rage. You could find them in pretty much every Five & Dime store like Woolworths and in amusement parks. Inside the booth

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Ready for an Unplugged Wedding?

We’re a society addicted to our mobile devices. Some people even sleep with their Smartphones. Do you want your wedding to be an event or a social media event? In ever increasing numbers brides and grooms are opting for “unplugged weddings”, where technology is not welcome. I’m sure we’ve all

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